ITEL A661W MDM File Itel A58 MDM File Permanent

This page contains the official MDM of ITEL A661W specifically to remove MDM Lock so this MDM file is a mode to remove any security remote server that is on the ITEL A661W This MDM File will prevent any robot from seeing your phone if you are able to use the MDM File the easiest way to remove the MDM Lock it is by our knowledgeable and analytical staff on our plans to avoid any security server that transmits information if you use this MDM file you guaranteed to work with your phone permanently



Password Whatsapp me +2348137537260

You must backup NVRAM before using this guide

please Do carefully we are not responsible for any damage to your device fishing the Rom will Erase all your personal data including storage so we advise you to first make a complete backup of your phone

Ensure that your device is at least 50% charged during the flashing process to prevent accidental shutdown

How to Remove MDM Lock on ITEL A661W


You must download the firmware before going to use the MDM File because MDM File is only super

Step 1 Open your Pandorabox

Step 2 Wipe full parttion

Step 3 Flash firmware

Step 4 Restore super MDM File

Step 5 Unlock bootloader

Step 6 wipe userdata

Step 7 Reipar imei

MDM File

Flashing is at the owner’s risk and whatever happened to your phone I will not be responsible for any damage


We wish to have success on any work not be damaged but to success on your work

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